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I think we all know what we really miss (the shopping, the eating-out, the meeting friends, the outdoor sports, the partying etc.)

We slowly start to #appreciate all the little things we take for granted, but that’s not what I want to write about.

It’s about the things we’ve #gained (no… not the weight 😛 )

🐥 We are creatures of #routine. We love our comfort zones. So when the MCO happened for me, the first thing I missed the most was… #WORK! Those of you who know me, knows, I love my job.

💼 As trainings are considered ‘social gatherings’, this was the first to take a hit when the #Corona-virus became a household name.

🤔 So if there’s no work, what’s next? I needed to develop a new, fun, exciting routine to stay sane.

👩‍🍳 That was when I entered the #kitchen. The space that kept me company over the last 24 days or so.

🍕Ashamedly, I have to admit, that I always went for convenience when life got busy. So it’s either one pot meals or a #tapau from a nearby restaurants for our lunches & dinners.

This is what I learnt from hours spent in the kitchen over the last few weeks:

🍲 Nothing beats a good home cooked meal… in terms of hygiene, #nutrition, love…

🤗 It’s so much joy watching my little family devour the #meal which was prepared

💲How much we really save when we eat at home 😮 (I used to think that spending RM30-40 per meal was ‘cheap’, till I realized that when you cook economically at home, you can have a tasty & #healthy meal for RM10 for a family of 4)

🧼 #Systematic cooking and cleaning is an art form. I don’t have a helper, so I created a system in such a way that by the time I’m done with cooking, I’m also done with 80% of the cleaning.

👶 Getting kids involved in the meal preparation is a very special bonding time

💘 Cooking is a skill; cooking with love is a #passion

☯️ Kids remain full with a proper #balancedmeal, and have hardly snacked in between meals, despite being at home all day long.

🚫I #choose what enters my body- no additional preservatives, no chemicals, no nonsense.

MCO- Thank you!!! It’s because of you, I have learnt how to cook a little better than I used to.

Another 2 weeks? Bring it on!!!

🧑🏽‍🍳 Being a #mum, daughter and wife have taken a special meaning, now that I know I’m capable of putting *‘delicious’ food on the table.

*I think the family is forced to say it’s #delicious. Otherwise they would have nothing to eat 😆

♥️ Stay #safe everyone ♥️

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