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Letting Go

True Story: Letting Go ⛓

As we get older, there are somethings that change. We let go of old habits 🎉, food that we used to previously enjoy🍩, hobbies that no longer serve us 🥂and people that have fulfilled their positive or negative roles in our lives 😈.

I had a client that I coached previously who struggled in this area. He held on to a relationship for too long, simply because it hurt to let go. With his permission, I am narrating this story for him. 🎥

Lee had everything in life; except true love 💗 , and one fine day, he stumbles upon a girl 👧 and his heart skips a beat. He’s not sure what he even liked about her, but there was a connection. What’s unfortunate about this situation is that that connection was one sided.

Oblivious to this fact, Lee continued to pursue the girl and took her every conversation 🗣 as a sign that she too, reciprocated his feelings.

She in turn used him in every way possible, for companionship 💃and money 💵.

Even when he knew he was being taken advantage of, Lee refused to let go. He reached out to me, sometimes in anger, sometimes in tears. He couldn’t let go. The feelings he had for her was eating him alive and turning toxic. 💔

One day, he saw her in a club. With another man. Any sane person would think that, that should do it. This should be the end.

He hated her for this, but seems as if he loved her even more. Confusing isn’t it? But I understood perfectly. Emotions are weird. Connection we have with people are weirder. ⚡️

I encouraged Lee to look at the bigger picture, look for purpose, look for the true meaning in life… and it was only after almost 18 coaching sessions that he considered severing all ties with her. No calls, no texts, no emails, no circling around the same places she hangs out, no nothing. 📞

3 weeks, and he had lesser thoughts about her, 3 months on, and he started moving on. A CLEAN CUT! 🔪

Why I am writing this now with such intensity?

I got a text from Lee and he said that it was exactly a year now since he blocked her from his contacts, and he has no regrets. 🔥

The relationship consumed him, but he has emerged stronger, wiser and more appreciative of everything in life. 🌻

His exact words… “How stupid was I to cling on to a mirage, whilst losing perspective of everything that truly mattered.”

He is now seeing a girl. He is happy. Content. Blessed, but he is not head over heels. 🦋

“I’m taking it slow…” he says. “I have spent enough time using only my heart to decide on my life… so maybe now as I get older and wiser, it’s time to use my heart AND brain to choose what’s good for me…” 🌞

Thank you, Lee for teaching me, through your life and eyes 👁

I hope this story inspires all of us who are clinging on to a mirage... Let it go.

✔️Focus on what’s real. ✔️Focus on loving yourself first. ✔️Focus on what builds you. ✔️Focus on being you.🌹

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