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How to Deal with Back-biters?

Have people been talking behind your back?

This always reminds me of an Elanor Roosevelt quote: “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people…”

I think in our adult lives, many of us have had this experience one time or another.

The big question is, how do we handle situations like this?

Sometimes we find a huge need to justify our stand and that leads to a lot of conflicts and disagreements.

We invest so much of time to explain to person X, Y and Z on why we are correct, and the other person is wrong.

My humble suggestion is, EVALUATE the situation. Would defending yourself solve the problem?

If yes, you can consider explaining your perspective ONE TIME to those who matter, and then move on with life. Let others continue talking, because most of the time, that’s what people do best.

If no, stay silent and focus on your work. Let your abilities speak for itself. Build your character, upgrade your skills. You do not need to justify yourself all the time.

Pick your battles and with God on your side, you will win the War.

Loads of love to everyone reading, Sri


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