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Public Training Courses


Many clients prefer an off-the-shelf solution for generic programmes in the comfort of an amazing 4-star hotel. At The BOX, our courses are straight-to-the-point, bi-lingual (English / Malay), practical and memorable. Very often, participants who attend our public programmes use our event as an avenue to foster business relationships to further expand their network. We have also ventured into online public training as well.

In-House Training Courses


Having an in-house training programme has many perks. If you can enjoy a workshop without leaving your office, why not? We offer an awesome package for in-house deals, and please do get in touch with us for a free consultation, and we may just have the right training solution for you. 

Corporate / Management Meeting Facilitation


Need to spice up your management meetings at a retreat anywhere around the country? We are experts at injecting fun after a stressful discussion on numbers, operations and business. Management and corporate meetings are never the same anymore, once you have The BOX facilitators in the same room!

Consultancy & Training Needs Analysis (TNA)


There are times when an external consultant is able to better point out a performance gap and recommend solutions to enhance productivity. Training is always the missing piece of a puzzle which needs to be added to ensure a complete process improvement. As always, The BOX will be honoured to be your one-stop training solution.

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