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Make this One Change and Watch Your Productivity Skyrocket

The realisation hit when I watched an extremely busy businessman in action- he was juggling several things at that moment, and kept looking at his phone every single time it beeped. A young doctor I met during a consult was no exception. She was finding it hard to resist glancing at her latest iPhone which rained with continuous beeps, almost creating a symphony of its own.

You would have seen this time and time again. Extremely busy people becoming enslaved to their smartphones. It is true. For many of us, our phones are our masters. Ask yourselves… do you really have control over your phone or is it the other way around? Do you look at your phone every time it beeps?

The challenge to productivity when used inefficiently are Whatsapp & Facebook notifications. But these two giant communication mediums are not to be blamed. Both have features; (which most of us already know, but probably hardly use) to disable sound for incoming notifications. The world of Whatsapp has many groups; an average person are 'honorary members' of at least 8-10 groups, which mostly send (sometimes meaningless) forwarded messages to each other. Is it no wonder then, that a person who is being held hostage by their phones spend hours a day staring at that little screen?

If you think you are enslaved by your mobile phone, do this! Turn off your incoming notification, except for important people or groups and only glance at your messages when you need to.

“But what if I miss something really important??????????!!!!!!” you may ask :)

Well, if that ‘something’ is truly urgent, then the person should be calling you at your mobile phone, instead of texting! Till then, put your phones away and focus on what truly matters in life.

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