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Stress Management: What Works For You?

🗣 It’s always easier to talk about personal development tips and techniques rather than applying it.

😣 Let’s look at one of the most prominent areas which people struggle with: #STRESS.

➡️ According to personal development gurus and Google, there are probably hundreds of techniques we could try, and that’s fantastic. BUT… it is all trial and error.

✴️ The real question you should be asking yourself is, WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?

🧘🏽‍♀️ For some people it is #breathing techniques, for some people it could be #meditation, #music, #dance, a #workout, a nice #meal, a #chat with a friend, or a #distraction. WHAT WORKS FOR YOU?

🎈It was only after exploring certain methods, I came to realise WHAT WORKS FOR ME.

🎧 Personally, I need #music- specifically happy music. Once I have my favourite songs on my playlist humming gently through my earphones, I start #writing.

✍🏼 At that moment, I write with passion, honesty and with no holds barred.

📝 Once I’ve poured it all out on a piece of paper (or for me usually its Microsoft Word), a part of me feels so much better. #Relieved.

📈I will know that I have a #gameplan.

🌈 I will know that this too shall pass.

🦸‍♀️ And I will definitely know that, whatever it is life throws at me, I will kick troubles in its ass. Because that’s what I am made of.

🗝 So, what works for you? Please #share! Tell me, so I can learn from you too ♥️

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