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Our Vision


To inspire people to realise their full potential through the nucleus of our work; which is superior training solutions.

Our Mission


We are devoted to empower people to hone their skill-sets. We view ourselves as partners with our clients and participants. We create top notch training programmes and aim to become a recognised name in training and development in Malaysia.

Our Objectives


Create Healthy Business Relationships

In line with our core values, we believe in respecting each and every client and even prospective clients. We ensure that all emails are attended to within 1 business day and every phone call answered promptly with a one-call-resolution.


Achieve a Rate of 90% Customer Satisfaction

We target to ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through our training programmes. Our feedback forms will be given to participants after trainings, and also to clients whom we liaise with to ensure that we constantly receive pointers for every area of our operations.


Building Remarkable Training Programmes

A great product is the groundwork of a successful business. We will keep our courses up-to-date and relevant whilst employing interesting training methodologies such as role plays, case studies, online training, virtual, games, and video replays to ensure great transfer-of-knowledge. 



Our Core Values


In a word, our core values are summarised by the acronym PRIDE:



We are a group of people who are truly dedicated in the business of empowering people. Our trainers are renowned for their beneficial training programmes and we ensure that the quality and reputation of our organisation is constantly upheld.



In the people-business, mutual respect is key for a long term healthy relationship. We are known to our clients as courteous, modest and always willing to tread the extra mile to produce a win-win liaison.



We are strong believers of the concept of kaizen (continuous improvement). Our training programmes are constantly updated to ensure that the content fits the current need of our participants. We also revive our marketing strategies from time to time to ensure we give our clients the most lucrative deals possible. 



As CSR is a part of our corporate objectives, we believe our organisation should lead by example. We work with only the best who lead productive lives. They in turn inspire our participants to sharpen their skill-sets and broaden their horizons through new knowledge and fortitude.



All our training programmes encompass a successful formula; Knowledge + Hands-On + Fun. Our trainers are all passionate beings, who are eager to leave a mark in the lives of our clients via practical and engaging transfer of knowledge methodologies.



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