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When you are looking to be certified as a NLP Practitioner

It can get overwhelming

quality or quantity?

it doesn't last forever

the journey is personal

With regards to NLP, people usually talk about its benefits. The fun stuff. How much you can learn. How NLP can transform your live. That is all true. 

What people don't talk about is the amount of learning over 5-6 days. It's a lot. It can get overwhelming if the trainer is not patient to spend time in helping you to understand the concepts well and tends to be more caught up in just finishing the modules. 

What is your objective of becoming a Certified NLP Practitioner? 

Whilst there may be many options which gives you numerous certifications in just 4-5 days, we encourage you to decide carefully if you prefer quantity over quality. 

Can you really absorb so much knowledge in so little time?

Here's the controversial statement we are about to make. Right after your certification programme, you will be floating in a high. You will feel awesome and motivated. 

That will last several days or maybe weeks. 

It does not last forever... especially if you start facing challenges when you try to apply the NLP techniques that you learnt. 

NLP requires a lot of self-reflection. It's an honest & truthful process. NLP reveals who we really are. It gets us to return to the roots and beginning of our journey in this world to let go of pain from the past and move on to building a confident and powerful version of ourselves. 

This requires some personalised attention. Space and comfort, which is hard to achieve if the NLP Certification Programme is overloaded with too many people. 



Choose a NLP programme, organisation & A genuine trainer that are true to your needs.

If you are interested to consider us to fit your NLP needs, allow us to share  what we have to offer you...

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The Special Features in Our NLP Certification Programme


Your certifications are governed by the world's largest NLP Authority, American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming


Personal Touch

The trainer ensures everyone is heard, each concept is well explained to your best level of understanding. Enough time is given to each person to clarify and practise each tool. 

Small Class Size

NLP is an intense programme. We prioritise the experience over profit making. So we do not exceed 12 participants in each class to ensure everyone is comfortable. 

Triple Certification

NLP Certifications must be kept authentic and focused. Meanwhile it is also useful for you to be certified as a Coach and a Time Line Therapist as well in over 6 days. 


Our NLP certification programmes will be held at the 4-star Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, with welcome breakfast, coffee breaks and delicious buffet lunch spread.

Manuals & Audio

Upon registration and payment of deposit, we will immediately send you the training materials & audio files for your reading pleasure & pre-study purposes. 

Payment Plan

Some participants use their hard earned savings for the NLP Certification. We want to keep it convenient. Ask about payment options. 

Free Re-Training

Once you have graduated with us, you get to attend the same NLP Certification training that we conduct for FREE. Again and again. 


You are responsible to keep your motivation level high after the NLP certification training. And we will give you constant freebies and values to keep your fire of motivation alive. 

Constant Support

Your support does not only come from us, but also from all your teammates in your batch. A strong bond will be formed during and after this training via webinars & Whatsapp 

Training Manuals

When learning NLP interventions, there is a lot to absorb on a hands-on basis. So we prepare you before and after in an easy manner with our special step-by-step NLP Interventions Handbook

Attend For Free

We offer free seats for participants who are in dire need for this programme but are having financial difficulties. Contact us so we can understand your situation better. 

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Why NLP?


  • How many times have we tried and retried different methods for an improvement in our lives? 

  • And somehow after a few weeks or months, everything gets back to the way it used to be.

  • NLP is a total system that actually WORKS!

  • It gives you the upgrade that you have always been looking for. And it begins at a place where no one pays enough attention to...


Join us at our next NLP TRIPLE Certification Programme on

9,10,11, 15,16,17 & 18th of August 2024



Sri & Indy

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After a series of challenges in her personal life, Sri decided to explore the world of NLP. Within 4 months of receiving her NLP Practitioner certification, she realised that applying the NLP tools and techniques changed her life dramatically. During her Master certification programme which was attended by more than 18 nationalities across the world, she was awarded the ‘NLP Super Star’ and scored a perfect 100% during her Trainer's Certification final examination. 

White Branch


Sri now conducts mindset related free webinars monthly which are open to everyone across all walks of life, with the intention of empowering as many individuals as possible. As a Certified NLP Master Coach, she also offers 1-1 coaching sessions to her participants who need that extra boost to achieve their goals. She has trained notable CEOs, their teams and thousands of individuals across Malaysia & Brunei. 

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She is definitely one of the most sincere trainers you would come across. Her NLP certification programmes are so tailor-made for Malaysians and their common concerns. 


Instead of giving a one-size-fits-all training, it is packed with real-life examples on HOW to benefit from the tools immediately. Programme Facilitator, Indy, injects ample interaction and de-briefing activities to keep engagement levels high. This is exactly why the class size small is kept small so EVERYONE gets ample attention. 

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What happens after the programme? What if you still need more guidance? What if things may get challenging and you need extra support? They promise that your journey with them will be lifelong. This process is like a rebirth, the building of a stronger and more amazing you. And they are committed to be with you throughout.


P/S: Nope, we did not force them to say this !

Who Should Attend?

This training is suitable for anyone who is keen on making a personal and / or professional growth

  • C-level management

  • People who are interested in starting a career in coaching

  • Leaders

  • Educators

  • Coaches

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Business Owners

  • Corporate Trainers

  • Parents

  • Students (above 16 years old)

  • ANYONE interested in making the best out of life!

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