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The #1 Mistake Made By Even The Most Seasoned Presenters- Part 1

Cold hands? Butterflies in your stomach? Heart pounding so hard that it feels as if it has moved up and blocked your vocal cords completely?

These are pretty normal effects when the body is put under certain amount of stress. But let me stick to public speaking. A majority of people are able to control their nervousness within 1-2 minutes into the presentation. However, there are those who buckle under pressure completely, finishing off the presentation in a haste, or staring blankly at the slides whilst repeating the words written on it.

Let me tell you where the problem starts. You are asked to prepare for a presentation. Step one might be to through the current slides that you have, or 'borrow' one from a colleague who have done a similar presentation. Then you spend about 2 hours editing, re-editing and changing some pictures on the slides. 1 day before your presentation, you stare at the slides and 'imagine' what you should be speaking about. There is a good chance the slides are already condensed with as many words as possible so it can 'rescue' you at any point if you do get tongue-tied.

This is exactly what most people do, even the 'confident' and seasoned ones. And this is the biggest sin when preparing for a presentation.

Want to know what is the first thing you do when assigned to do a presentation? Applying this secret tip will change the way you prepare for your presentations (for the better) and that dreaded Q&A session will be a breeze.

Join our upcoming Public Training Workshop: Power Presentation Skills on 25 & 26 August 2015 and boost your career with fantastic public speaking capabilities.

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