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Increase Your Personal Magnetism

People these days are very aware of the power of brands. Being brand conscious, they are naturally very careful about creating a striking personal image. Men in spas used to be almost unheard of 20 years ago, but now ladies seem to have to compete with men to get their names booked for a popular body or facial treatment. Bags, ties, shoes, suits or something as simple as a pen are branded commodities these days. If all this helps create a professional and attractive persona, why not?

However, the sad reality today is, some people remember to gel their hair, but forget to smile at the person who held the door open for them. They remember to get to their manicure appointment on time, but forget that the handicapped parking is only for those who deserve such special privileges. They enjoy eating in a 5-star diner, but forget to thank the waiter who just topped up their glass of water. They carry a 2000-ringgit handbag but fail to take out RM5 for a hungry homeless they just walked past.

A strong personal branding and image is not how much money and time you have spent to groom your exterior. The world is desperately lacking some nice old-fashioned warmth, humanity and love. Here are some simple things you can do to restore some benevolence:

  • You can choose to start with the simplest way of all. A smile. A nice, warm, genuine smile. As often as you can. To as many people as you can

  • Look at the waiter in the eye when you thank him / her. Or if you are one of those who ‘forgets’ to thank the waiting staff, then start with the Thank You first

  • Use the name of the customer service representative on the phone

  • Say good morning to the first person who enters the lift

  • Do not forget your Ps and Qs (please and thank you) when asking for assistance from each of your staff and colleagues

  • Walk to a colleague’s cubicle which is 2 feet away to pass a simple instruction, instead of sending an email

This is my take on personal magnetism, in the form of a quote:

“You can’t fake your magnetism. It is that dynamism oozing from your eyes and that sincerity radiating from your soul, which can only be moulded from within...”

-Sam Andrews-

The Box Training’s Guest Contributor

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