22-27 March 2016

Double Certification!

NLP Practitioner & Coaching Certification

   14 -19 January, 2020

To be held in Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur

Full Investment: RM6,299

Special Discount Available


-Installment plans available upon request-

-Special discount for our free seminar participants-

-Discount for group registrations (2 pax and above)-

Internationally recognised NLP Certification Programme by the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

After a series of challenges in her personal life, Sri decided to explore the world of NLP. Within 4 months of receiving her NLP Practitioner certification, she realised that applying the NLP tools and techniques changed her life dramatically. Sri now conducts NLP programmes, free NLP Breakthrough seminars monthly which are open to everyone across all walks of life, with the intention of empowering as many individuals as possible. As a Certified NLP Master Coach, she also offers 1-1 coaching sessions to her participants who need that extra boost to achieve their goals. She has worked with over a hundred companies across Malaysia and Brunei; namely, Petronas ICT, Phillip Morris Malaysia, IJM Berhad, Panasonic Malaysia & India, AmanahRaya, DRB-Hicom, HeiTech Padu, Dominos and Ministry of Defence, Brunei. 
Sri has been invited to speak at events such as the Malaysian National Assistant to the CEO Apex 2013. She also emcees for events; namely the Programme Collaboration of the Corporate Finance qualification (CFq) between SIDC, ICAEW and CICA, 50th anniversary dinner for the Jaffenese Corporative Housing Society and the Women Entrepreneur’s Excellence Awards 2011 organised by GOPIO, which was attended by notable VVIPs such as YMM Tunku Ampuan Najihah binti Tunku Besar,Tan Sri Devaki Krishnan and Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat. She also wears the hat of a Business Process Consultant for clients who hire her to re-engineer their work processes to optimise efficiency within their organisation.  

Benefits of NLP Training

  • Learn how to build instant rapport and communicate laser sharp messages

  • Understand the filters that determine how colleagues, employees and everyone we meet view the world in ways different to you

  • Learn how to communicate using language that engages different personalities and learning styles

  • Unlock the infinite potential of your sub-conscious mind

  • Embed a range of strategies to resolve conflict

  • Master the formula for ultimate success with your goals

  • Learn techniques to eliminate stress and anxiety

  • Re-program your thinking!! Take control of how you think, feel, speak and act


We are passionate about helping you unleash your power to achieve success and happiness. NLP is the fastest process to create an outstanding life.

12 Reasons to complete your NLP Practitioner Certification with Us!

1. Internationally Certified by Worlds largest NLP authority, the ABNLP

2. 150 page training manual 

3. Convenient location at Central KL

4. Once graduated, you can attend the training again for free

5. An opportunity to become a coaching assistant in our future NLP Practitioner Certification Programmes


6. A convenient payment plan, if needed


7. Facilitated by Malaysia's dynamic NLP Trainer – Sri Devi Panchacharam, who is well-known for her ability to connect NLP tools with real life for a wholesome learning experience, leader greater success in your personal and professional lives.

8. Half the cost of certification in Australia or Singapore

9. Life long support with the team for any questions you may have about NLP 

10. Top notch training materials 

11. Outstanding 'Compilation' handout which is practical that contains a summary of all the NLP tools and techniques learnt during the Practitioner Certification Programme which serves as a reference point for most challenges faced in life

12. All participants will receive The Box's signature key learning take-away cards

Who Should Attend?

  • This training is suitable for anyone who is keen on making a personal and / or professional growth

  • C-level management

  • People who are interested in starting a career in coaching

  • Leaders

  • Educators

  • Coaches

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Business Owners

  • Corporate Trainers

  • Parents

  • Students (above 16 years old)

  • ANYONE interested in making the best out of life!

Course Outline


Learn the history of NLP & the foundation of excellent communication. Begin to understand the mechanics of thinking and emotions and unlock the door to greater self-awareness and empathy towards others. Develop unique skills that help you develop a deeper level of trust, loyalty and understanding with everyone you meet.



Open your mind to new ways of seeing the world. Release the shackles that have been holding you back, and transform negative emotion into powerful Life lessons. Tap the power of your unconscious mind to accelerate the learning process and adopt new empowering believes that put you in charge of your Life.


Learn how the conscious use of language can shape your Life. As we choose to re-program ourselves, and positively influence those around us, these new language patterns and ways of thinking develop greater leadership & motivation skills. You'll also learn the Ultimate Success Formula faocr hieving goals in Life & Business.



Our unconscious mind has its own language, and here, we learn the secrets to create a 'bridge' between the Conscious & Unconscious mind. This is the power as described in the 'Secret'. We remove bad habits that do not serve us anymore, and install new empowering habits, at the conscious & unconscious level.



The key to successful motivation is to tap into our most resourceful STATE, and then, be able to turn it on like a switch. Once you've mastered the techniques of Self-Motivation, and are able to enter a peak state instantly, you are ready to positively motivate and coach the people you care about. Learn how to use your NLP tools
in a coaching environment, to lead & motivate your teams or clients


150 page NLP Training manual + 20 Audio CD's for continued learning


After you have received your NLP certification, you are welcome to come back and re-join the training again and again for FREE. This allows you to solidify your learnings, so that you can practice your NLP skills with unconscious competence. You can then join us as Coaching Assistant, to help new participants learn the skills & techniques of NLP.

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